Sample Audio Tracks

  • May You Find Peace
  • Some Words
  • We Like We Like
  • Creativity Remix
  • Welcome Everybody
  • Wonder Of These Days
  • Weird And Wonderful
  • Dreaming
  • Why
  • I Can Make A Difference

I Wonder Why? (CD)


PLEASE NOTE: In line with licensing policy, CDs are sold for private/home use. If you are a school or an organisation please purchase a subscription to Fischy Music Online

'I Wonder Why?' is an album of catchy easy-to-use songs that help children question and wonder about the world around them.

The songs encourage children to think about other people, their community and the wider world that surrounds us all.

The album gives strong support in key curriculum areas across the UK, such as those outlined by the Curriculum for Excellence and the National Curriculum. Themes include citizenship, promoting shared values and personal responsibility, and emotional/spiritual education and wellbeing.