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Fischy Playlists

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Fischy playlists are now live for subscribers to Fischy Music Online. 

These curated lists of songs can be accessed by logging in to Fischy Music Online and selecting the playlists icon at the top of the page. Teachers and children's workers can select a playlist to find songs with a similar theme or musical style, ideal for listening to background music during a quiet activity or lesson.

So far the playlists include:

- End of term and leavers celebrations (Health & Wellbeing)

- Upbeat energising songs (Health & Wellbeing)

- Acoustic tracks for younger children (Health & Wellbeing)

- Songs for quiet reflection (RE & Collective Worship)

If your school or church haven't yet subscribed, you can find out more about the Fischy Music Online subscription or email us any questions about Playlists or Subscriptions to info@fischy.com