"Take the choice, use your voice, make some noise!" / We Won't Stop Singing / © Fischy Music 2020

Leavers song: Whatever Happens

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Whatever Happens is a brand new song that has just been added to Fischy Music Online.

The song features lyric ideas from two P7 classes from Fife, who acted as ‘song consultants’ for a Fischy project. It explores the theme of transition to secondary school, feelings around this, and the ways that children can support each other at this time.

This easy-going song could be used as a way of opening up discussions around transition, and how we and other people play a part in making this a good experience. It could also be a great soundtrack to a P7/Yr 6 class slideshow or presentation for the end of term.

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If you would like to access these Health & Wellbeing songs and resources for your school, please find out more at: https://www.fischy.com/fmo-about/