"Precious memories, special memories What do you remember?" / Precious Memories / © Fischy Music 2014
2023 has been a special year for us as we celebrate 25 years of Fischy Music. It has been brilliant to sing with so many of you at live and online concerts. Many families are now passing on Fischy Music songs to the next generation!

“I learned that everyone is special, I made up with my friend during the song ‘You Are a Star’ because I realised she was special to me.”
Child, age 9 

“It was great to listen to brilliant Fischy Music songs. It made me feel free like a bird. I learned to stay positive when things go wrong.” 
Child, age 10 

“I live in Australia, but used to live in Falkirk in Scotland and when I was little, I used to listen to "These are our Emotions". I just wanted to let you know that that CD really helped me with my emotions, for several years when I was younger and has truly had such a positive impact on me. I haven't heard the music for several years, but I thought of it out of the blue today and realised how much it has affected me in such a great way.” 
Young person, age 16

“We are so fortunate to have access to what you do and I can honestly say it has impacted so many children. My daughter is one of many children who has suffered greatly with anxiety as a result of the pandemic and the music and the messages they send have really motivated her and bring her so much joy 🤩 I couldn’t be more grateful as a parent.”
Stephanie Whitelaw, Parent 

“Fischy songs helped my daughter a lot when we went through some really hard times as a family; her brother had cancer. We listened to songs about difficult times, sad emotions and being strong and they really helped.”

“My family listen to your CD’s almost daily in the car on the school run. I feel like we are all soaking up a lot of truth and good stuff just by listening and chatting about the lyrics. My boys are 4 and 5 and so have lots of interesting questions about what the words mean. And I have to confess I often keep listening after I've dropped them off and on my way home. So, thank you for the blessing that your music is to us as a family.” 

“My family would have cracked over the years without Fischy Music!”
Karen Kelman 

“Your music helped me, and my little girl navigate some really tough times including divorce and suicide bereavement. It was there to lift us out of despair, and it helped me be a better parent.” 

“I’d just like to thank you all for your weekly assemblies which you produced during lockdown. My son has really looked forward to them each week and he has enjoyed joining in with all the songs and actions, some of which he remembered from your visit to his school this year. He is normally not a confident performer when it comes to sharing his talents, but he was really keen to get involved in the lockdown band. We were all delighted to see him in today’s recording. Thank you for all your hard work and energy. It has been very appreciated over this uncertain time. We’ll continue to keep singing.”
Donna Ferguson, Parent

"We had a lovely e-mail from one of the P2’s gran who said she felt uplifted after hearing all the songs at our Spring Service."

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