FAQs about Fischy Music Online

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Below are some questions that we are frequently asked about Fischy Music Online

What is Fischy Music Online?

Fischy Music Online is our song streaming platform - a bit like Netflix for Fischy song videos. It:

  • Requires good Internet to stream the songs (they are not downloadable)
  • Has hundreds of churches and schools subscribed as part of a Fischy Music Online community based in the UK and beyond
  • Reaches thousands of children each day with easy to learn tunes and real life lyrics to nurture their wellbeing
  • Is available on an Annual Subscription, purchased on our Online Shop, with Health & Wellbeing Packages, RE & Collective Worship Packages or a Combined Package with all our songs

View our Fischy Music Online video to find out more or watch our song trailers.

How much does Fischy Music Online cost?

Fischy Music Online is purchased by an annual subscription. The prices are dependent on what Package you choose and the size of your organisation.

Packages available:

  1. Health & Wellbeing Package (118 songs)
  2. RE & Collective Worship Package (53 songs)
  3. Combined Package (including both Health & Wellbeing and RE & Collective Worship, 141 songs)

Size of school/organisation:

  1. Tiny School (0-49 Pupils) or Individual Educationalist
  2. Small School (50-99 Pupils) or Church
  3. Medium School (100-199 Pupils)
  4. Large School (200+ Pupils)

Annual prices range from £33 - £275, working out at approximately £1 per child for a year's Fischy songs.

Find out more and take a look at our prices

How do I subscribe to Fischy Music Online?

To purchase a Fischy Music Online subscription, please follow the steps below to place your order which will then activate your subscription:

  1. Visit our online shop: www.fischy.com/shop/products 
  2. Scroll down to the package you would like to purchase and click on the price
  3. Click on ‘buy now’
  4. Complete your login details/register for an account (please note your username and password will be used by all staff who will access the Fischy Music Online subscription)
  5. You can opt to pay by credit/debit card, request an invoice (which can be paid by cheque or BACS) or pay with a purchase order number which must be placed on your Purchase Order System prior to your order as the PO number will be needed when placing your subscription order.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us: info@fischy.com 

Can I pay by invoice for CDs, Sheet Music, CD-ROMs or Fischy Music Online?

For all our CDs/Sheet Music/CD-ROMs you can pay by card only.

Schools or churches purchasing a Fischy Music Online subscription can pay by invoice. The subscription will be activated as soon as we receive the order. We then issue the invoice and ask that payment is made within 28 days.

Find out more by visiting our Online Shop.

Can I pay by PECOS (or another procurement system) for CDs, Sheet Music, CD-ROMs or Fischy Music Online?

For all our CDs/Sheet Music/CD-ROMs you can pay by card only.

Schools purchasing a Fischy Music Online subscription can pay by Purchase Order, eg PECOS. You will need to have your Purchase Order number ready to enter at our online shop checkout. The subscription will be activated on receipt of your order and we then issue an invoice. 

Find out more by visiting our Online Shop.

I don’t have a password / You haven’t sent me a password for Fischy Music Online

You will set up your password when you set up your account to subscribe to Fischy Music Online. This is the password you set up when placing your order.

If you don’t have a note of your password you can reset:

  1. Visit www.fischy.com
  2. Click on the 'Login' tab in the top left
  3. Select 'Forgotten password? Click here to reset'
  4. You will need the email address used to set up your account to re-set your password
  5. Test it and then let everyone in your school/organisation know the new Password

What is my Username for Fischy Music Online?

Your Username is the email address that you used when you set up your Fischy Music Online account.

If you have a long email address or if staff in your organisation would prefer a Username, then you can set up a Username instead: 

  1. Visit www.fischy.com
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Select My Account in the top bar
  4. Re-set your Username and save
  5. Test it and then let everyone in your school/organisation know the new Username

Can we use a Fischy Music song in an online or streamed event?

With many events/services happening online just now, we recognise that Fischy subscribers may wish to stream our songs (If you are not a subscriber, we would ask you to consider subscribing to Fischy Music Online).

Please note:

  • Our songs on Fischy Music Online are streamed and can’t be downloaded and they can’t be used in a way that makes them downloadable (This is in keeping with our Terms & Conditions)
  • We are asking that our song videos are not used in the public domain for anyone to view
  • We are happy for teachers/church workers to make their own video to one of our audio tracks (there are some brilliant examples on social media)
  • We are asking that when songs are used, the audio/visual quality is maintained
  • Please credit Fischy Music whenever our songs are used

I've not used Fischy Music Online before, how do I get started?

You can view our written User Guide here and our 5-minute User Guide Video here

Also, please feel free to email us with any questions you have about logging in or using the songs and to find out when our next free Online Training sessions are.

Our digital streaming platform reaches thousands of children in schools and churches, giving access to Fischy song videos, audio tracks and resources through an annual subscription. You instantly get access to our newest songs as well as all the Fischy favourites, like 'Build up' and 'You are a star'!