"Take the choice, use your voice, make some noise!" / We Won't Stop Singing / © Fischy Music 2020

User Guide to Fischy Music Online

Thursday, 24 February 2022

For all our Fischy Music Online subscribers, we've put together a 5 minute User Guide to help you get started with your subscription: User Guide Video

Once you've subscribed, remember:

  • All Subscriptions last for a year
  • You have access to all the Fischy song videos, audio tracks, lyrics, sheet music and much more!
  • Everyone in your school or organisation can be logged in simultaneously (so don't change your password without letting your colleagues know!)
  • Fischy Music Online isn't just for assemblies and services - try it in the classroom, nurture groups, gym hall, for relaxation, at the start/end of the day - the possibilities are limitless!
  • Singing has so many benefits and our songs are for everyone, so relax and enjoy!

If you are thinking of getting a subscription, then feel free to watch this guide to find out how Fischy Music Online works. You can then subscribe on our Shop.