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Holiday Club Playlist

Thursday, 29 June 2023

Are you a church or organisation running a summer holiday club?

You can access over 140 songs (both Health & Wellbeing and RE & Collective Worship) for singing with children. We've also put together a Holiday Club (RE & Collective Worship) Playlist.

To access the song videos, sheet music, teaching ideas and audio tracks, you can subscribe to Fischy Music Online. There are 3 Song Package options:

  • The Health & Wellbeing Package includes songs like Build Up and You Are a Star
  • The RE & Collective Worship Package, including songs like Stronger and May You Find Peace.
  • The Combined Package includes all our songs, both Health & Wellbeing and RE & Collective Worship - take a look at all the song trailers.

If you have any questions about our songs and how to subscribe, please email info@fischy.com and we will be happy to help!