Sing to Make You Feel Good (CD)


PLEASE NOTE: In line with licensing policy, CDs are sold for private/home use. If you are a school or an organisation please purchase a subscription to Fischy Music Online

'Sing to Make You Feel Good' is a collection of Health & Wellbeing songs.

It is designed to help children:

  • Consider how to be more kind and make positive contributions to their communities
  • Realise that singing is an important contributor to being well

Our main driving force is to help children feel good about themselves and other people by singing, writing and listening to songs. This CD is a great selection of songs – diverse and energising!

Tracks included: 

  1. Names
  2. Sing to Make You Feel Good
  3. This is how I’m feeling
  4. That’s What a Friend Is
  5. Come to the Quiet
  6. Keep the Blues Away
  7. Kindness
  8. What Kind of World Are We Passing On
  9. Check It
  10. Thank You