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Health & Wellbeing Package

for a School/Organisation
£165 Per year

‘Do the song’ videos: Our musicians singing with actions to make participation easy for children in classrooms or assemblies, with song lyrics at the bottom of the screen

‘Learn the song’ videos: Let our musicians teach you, or the children directly, the words, actions and melodies of Fischy Music songs

‘Symbol/Image’ movies: Excellent for younger children or those with additional support needs

Audio and backing tracks: To sing along in class or assemblies or for use in the classroom - for example, helping children with mindfulness or a high energy song when tidying up

Filter: Search by ‘Age’, ‘Themes’ and ‘When to use this song’

Lyrics and sheet music: Enabling staff who wish to accompany singing and helping children discuss lyrics

Teacher notes: Use our resources to support children and adults with lesson plans, teaching ideas and circle time questions